Using Marketing Optimization to Drive Incremental Sales and ROI

Successful marketing programs begin with an understanding of which individual customers are most likely to provide incremental sales. The word "incremental" is important here since some customers would buy even if they were not targeted by a marketing program. However, finding customers with a propensity to buy more can be difficult. Marketers must be able to identify who these customers are, as well as the incremental sales that can be expected by each customer, for each levels of offers that make-up the marketing program. As difficult as this task can be, it is a critical first step as this understanding is the key to driving both incremental sales, as well as reductions in cannibalized revenue. Download this whitepaper to:

  • Understand Lift Modeling and how it focuses on the customer behavior that drives ROI

  • Discover the flexibility of Optimization and how it can pinpoint the optimal offer assignment for each customer, given certain business goals and restraints  

  • Hear about the four step process that leads to Optimization and how it can be customized for mutliple business scenarios

  • Find out how the scoring and optimization process can be automated so that the most effective data-driven decisions can be made on a continuous basis, as needed

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